FICHT and ETEC Fuel Injection

Clean and Test ETEC, Clean Test rebuild FICHT


Florida Injection has a considerable investment in machines to bring your boat injectors back to life.

-Florida Injection is able to do excellent work because we have the newest technology and equipment. We take the time to do it right. We have over the many years learned how to do your injectors so they are clean and back to spec. We are accurate and can test injectors in a wide range of simulated engine conditions.
-This allows us to see how an injector is causing your engine problems and over 99% of the time we can fix the injector. We currently have seven injector cleaning, flowing and ultrasonic machines.

Normal turnaround times on FICHT are months and turnaround times for ETEC are a week to several weeks.

Here are some examples of FICHT and ETEC injectors. The type of FICHT that we do not do is on the left. Notice the o-ringed tube nipples and large brass nut.

Example of a FICHT Injector we do not work on Example of a FICHT injector Example of a 90 degree FICHT injector Example of a ETEC

Cleaning and rebuilding process for FICHT injectors

  • We visually inspect the injectors and pre-clean if necessary.
  • We flow test and electronically test the injectors.
  • We work up a quote to bring them back to spec.
  • We advise you of the cost and arrange payment.
  • We order parts and place your order in line to be worked on after payment is made.
  • When it is your turn, we complete your order then ship.
  • We do not work on the original style FICHT injector as above.
  • If you decline to have your injectors repaired, there is a $50.00 per injector fee plus shipping.
  • Most FICHT orders are in the $1800.00+ range for 6 injectors with a $420.00 per injector charge being typical.
  • There is a 60 day liimited warranty associated with cleaning, testing or rebuilding a FICHT injector.

Cleaning and testing process for ETEC injectors

  • ETEC injectors are Clean-Test-Report only. These injectors cannot be rebuilt.
  • Cost for each injector is $120.00 plus return shipping.
  • We visually inspect the injectors and pre-clean if necessary.
  • We flow test and electronically test the injectors.
  • There is no guarantee that we can sucessfully restore the operation of an ETEC injector.
  • There is no warranty associated with cleaning and testing an ETEC injector.

Do you need more information? You can call us at any time at 727-459-8394 to see if we can give you some advice or help you get your engine running at peak performance today.

Florida Injection Service cleans and rebuilds Mercury Optimax Side feed and air injectors for $35.00 each. Return shipping to Florida customers is free!


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