Automotive Gas Injectors

Test, Clean, Rebuild


Florida Injection has a considerable investment in machines to bring your injectors back to life.

-Florida Injection is able to do excellent work because we have the newest technology and equipment. We take the time to do it right. We have over the many years learned how to do your injectors so they are clean and back to spec.. We are accurate and can test injectors in a wide range of simulated engine conditions.
-This allows us to see how an injector is causing your engine problems and over 99% of the time we can fix the injector. We currently have seven injector cleaning, flowing and ultrasonic machines. Florida Injection works on all sorts of “hopeless” fuel injectors.
-We continue to impress our customers with our ability to deliver! Normal turnaround times are 3-4 hours. If you bring in your injectors first thing in the morning, they usually can be done same day, without an appointment.
-We are located on the North end of St. Petersburg in Pinellas Park, Florida. Visit us and see how we can save you and your customers money!
NOTE: We do not work on chinese injectors. These typically come from ebay or amazon. They are usually problematic and a waste of time for us to work on them only to have to tell you we cannot make them flow to spec..

Here are just some examples of top feed injectors we do. In general, if it has an o-ring on the top that goes into a fuel rail and a electrical connector on the side, it is probably a top feed.

Example of Bosch Injector Example of yellow injector Example of LS injector Example of white injector Example of GM injector Example of Denso Injector

Cleaning and rebuilding process

We use modern ultrasonic machines designed for cleaning automotive/light truck and all other gas fuel injectors.

  • We visually inspect the injectors and pre-clean if necessary.
  • We electronically test the injectors.
  • We strip the replaceable components off of the injectors
  • We ultrasonic clean the injectors for 30 minutes then inspect them.
  • We ultrasonic clean them for another 30-90 minutes if necessary.
  • We reverse flow them for 10-90 minutes.
  • We flow clean the injectors for up to 3 hours depending on how the injectors perform.
  • We verify that the injectors are in spec..
  • We purge the injectors of process fluids and pack/ship them to you.
  • Sometimes these estimates go out the window with very bad injectors.

Why clean injectors at all?

Because fuel injectors get dirty and cause your engine to underperform.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? A carburetor is in your face. An injector is buried under a million hoses and harnesses. They are easy to ignore. They are in or next to the hottest part of the engine and yet in a car, they run for several hundred thousand miles. In a boat, they have to survive winter layups, water and constant high loads.

Like a car, you are probably unaware that your injectors are getting plugged up and running at less that 100%. Your computer can make up for this for a while, then when it no longer can, you notice poor performance or poor gas mileage. You may even see hard starts and smell gas once in a while from fuel injectors that stick open.

In a boat, your clue to plugged fuel injectors can be anything from long on-plane time, plugs that have changed color, a tune up didn’t help the engine run better, rough operation or hard starting. In a car, you notice performance or gas mileage drop, a tune up didn’t fix your performance issues including mileage, or the things mentioned above.

Do you need more information? You can call us at any time at 727-459-8394 to see if we can give you some advice or help you get your engine running at peak performance today.

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