Florida Injection Service repairs and rebuilds gas fuel injectors in boats, jet skis, quads, motorcycles, cars and light trucks. We ultrasonic clean and rebuild FICHT injectors, common rail injectors including side feeds and TBI injectors and their throttle bodies.
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Boat injectors and other services

Florida Injection services all injectors in all outboard, bike, quad and jet ski engines.

Outboard, bike, quad and jet ski engines

Beside FICHT injectors, the most common fuel injector we see for outboards (and motorcycles) is the weber style “shorty” injector. These injectors are usually plugged up with old gas that locked up the injector. Our boat injector machine removes those deposits and returns the injector to full operation. Expect locked up injectors to take an extra day or two. You are saving hundreds of dollars so an extra day or two turnaround should be a reasonable trade off.

Florida Injection services all injectors in all inboard engines, cars, light trucks, motorcycles, quads and more! Inboard engines, cars and trucks
Inboards use engines that are substantially like automobile engines. This means the injectors are very similar too. We stock parts for all common and quite a few oddball injection setups. We even stock parts for race boat injectors. We do common rail blown manifold injectors, TBI systems, side feed conversions and injector upgrades.
Florida Injection is able to do excellent work because we only have the newest technology and equipment.

Florida Injection uses new machines

Florida Injection is able to do excellent work because we only have the newest technology and equipment. We are accurate and can test injectors in a wide range of simulated engine conditions.

This allows us to see how an injector is causing your engine problems and over 99% of the time we can fix the injector. We currently have seven injector cleaning, flowing and ultrasonic machines. Florida Injection works on all sorts of “hopeless” fuel injectors.

We continue to amaze and impress our customers with our ability to deliver! We are located on the North end of St. Petersburg in Pinellas Park, Florida. Visit us and see how we can save you and your customers money!

Florida Injection sells high performance fuel injectors

Florida Injection Sells performance fuel injectors

Florida Injection sells individual and flow matched sets of high volume fuel injectors.

If you have a bad one of yours from a set for instance, we can even replace it with an injector matched to your existing good injectors.

Florida Injection Service Cleans/Tests/Rebuilds all marine injectors including Yamaha HPDI, Optimax, FICHT, ETEC, side feed injectors, top feed injectors, Volvo, Tohatsu, Honda, Mercury, Force, Nissan, Suzuki, Seven and all other makes.

Florida Injection Service ships injector orders $100.00 or more to Florida customers for free!

Florida Injection Service warrants our injector repair work on top feed injectors to be free from defects for a period of one year. We will re-clean your injectors once within one year of the original work for free even if it is your fault.