Florida Injection Diesel injectors are remanufactured not rebuilt

The problem with rebuilding a diesel fuel injector is that critical parts are not replaced or machined into a perfect fit. Rebuilding can get you by if the injectors are low mileage and are just dirty but not mechanically worn out yet. Who pulls injectors at low miles though?

Florida Injection only sells remanufactured diesel fuel injectors. The difference in cost is not worth it to take so much apart to save somewhere around $50.00 per injector. Yes, that’s all the difference is in most applications. Your rebuilt injector is still worn out, just bandaged.

Various injector types have various common problems that crop up as they age (i.e. wear out). This means the solution is to remanufacture in our machine shop. To the vehicle owner, the injector is making the engine smoke or miss or lose power or dilute oil or something else. To us we see the problem behind the drivability issue and already know remanufacturing in our Orlando machine shop is the only real solution to bringing your injectors back to better than factory specs.

This machine shop has modern machines dedicated to remanufacturing one type of injector each. Precision bore grinders, spool grinders, needle grinders and electronic testing and flow machines are among the several million dollars of equipment that is necessary to do the job right the first time.

Florida Injection Service offers one- and two-year warranties on our fuel injectors with unlimited mileage. Injectors requiring cores will be shipped after we receive your cores. New parts can be shipped from stock.

GM/Chevy/Duramax injectors and other fuel system parts

GM/Chevy/Duramax injectors use new nozzle assemblies and new control valve assemblies. These injectors beat Bosch new injector specs by 50%. By the time the remanufacturing process is complete, you will have injectors that are not only perfectly calibrated but also have all the production improvements built in. Just a note on rechroming—if the injectors are rechromed, run! Building up worn out parts to get them back to spec only works for a few thousand miles.

Shop all of our Bosch GM/Chevy/Duramax injectors and other items in the GM section.

Ford/IH/Powerstroke injectors and other fuel system parts

Ford Powerstroke and IH injectors have a variety of new, precision machined parts. We install improved coil assembly end caps, new spool valves, match honed intensifier bodies and plungers, new D-rings and clips, and new connectors and o-rings. These injectors are available with one- and two-year warranties.

Shop all of our Ford/IH/Powerstroke injectors and other items in the Ford section. Do you need help finding the correct injector code? Powerstroke Injector Applications

Dodge/Cummings/Turbo Cummings injectors and other fuel system parts

Our Bosch Dodge Cummings remanufactured fuel injectors and other parts are built to a high standard. All parts are inspected, certified and assembled in a clean environment then ran in very expensive machines to ensure quality and performance.

Shop all of our Dodge/Cummings/Turbo Cummings and other items in the Dodge section.

Cat injectors and other fuel system parts

Cat is the workhorse of the diesel world. We carry both mechanical and HEUI injectors for Cat engines. Whether the use is marine, equipment or large trucks, we provide better than new performance and reliability at a considerable savings.

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Sprinter injectors and other fuel system parts

Bosch injectors for Sprinter vehicles are very high precision products. We pay particular attention to specs and beat the already tight Bosch and Mercedes-Benz specs. Our goal with all of our products is to ensure that you get real value for your money. This is especially so with Sprinter products.

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