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Florida Injection Service sells new performance fuel injectors as well as parts kits for all the popular fuel injector types. Unlike other companies, we do not rebrand our injectors. If you buy a Bosch injector for instance from another source, it will sometimes have the Bosch information removed and their brand printed on the injector. In the interest of being completely open about what we sell, we have decided to not do this.

We absolutely do not sell Chinese injectors. If you want to buy a cheap knockoff, feel free to do so. We will even give you a crying towel at no charge when you come in to buy genuine injectors.


Genuine Siemens fuel injectors

Genuine Siemens Fuel Injector Portal

Genuine Bosch Fuel Injectors

Genuine Bosch Fuel Injector Portal

Delphi fuel injectors

Delphi and other brands of Injectors

In Line Fuel Pump

Replacement High Volume Fuel Pumps

Weber Marine Replacement Injectors:

Weber Fuel Injectors

Upgrade to Siemens Injectors

Do you have Magnetti Marelli (also called Weber or Pico) Fuel Injectors in your Merc inboard or out drive? We have genuine Siemens injectors that are a direct replacement for the IWP069 injectors that love to fail so often. The IWP 069 injectors as shown here (silver body with a yellow band) suffer frequently from clogs and electrical failures.

Reman OE Injectors:

Remanufactured OE Fuel Injectors

We carry a variety of popular reman OE fuel injectors.

Rebuilt OE Fuel Injectors coming soon to a web site near you. Our inventory constantly changes so check back often.

Injector Parts and Accessories:

Injector Parts

Made in USA Fuel Injector Parts

We carry hats, pigtails, Jetronic harness ends, Injector rebuild kits, bulk injector parts, electronic devices,

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