FICHT and E-Tec fuel injectors

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FICHT and E-Tec fuel injectors are ran in custom built, made to our specs machines.

It’s time to have your injectors sent in to us when you narrow down the fault to the injectors during the troubleshooting procedure. Most engine failures are due to lean injectors or detonation. As a guide, it’s time to get them done when:

  • Getting a power head replacement
  • Getting a tune up
  • Change in performance
  • Boat sinking/motor drowning
  • Motor has been sitting with old gas
  • Motor is stalling
  • Motor is overheating especially on one cylinder
  • Fails drop test on one or more cylinders
  • Long on-plane times

We see many low hour FICHT and ETEC motors that will not run due to them being gummed up with old gas. Ethanol kills these injectors too. Run non-Ethabol gas and lay up the motor properly.

Injectors usually take a 4 hours to clean and test and one day per injector to rebuild if that injector need rebuilding. We normally take injectors in order they were received. We will update you on expected delivery dates as we work on your injectors. We generally do not paint injectors. More reading here- How does a FICHT or E-Tec engine work? Plus other information.

Sending them in

Please package them individually in bubble wrap. Ship them insured.

Do not send in the EMM or fuel lines. Reinstall the fuel line retainers onto the injector. Do not reinstall the allen head screws. Do not attempt to remove the bolts that hold the dogleg to the injector. Make sure the nozzle is in the end of the injector and not stuck in the head. 4 FICHT injectors will fit in a 8×8 box if properly packaged. 6 FICHT injectors will fit in a 12×12 box if properly packaged. These are heavy parts and need to be wrapped very well in bubble wrap.

After we run them for the first time, we will know which injectors are in need of cleaning and which injectors are in need of rebuilding. Most all injectors just need to be cleaned and the cost will be $150.00 (FICHT) or $80.00 (E-Tec). We will call to let you know what the final cost to you will be. The fee structure is on the right. After the order is finished, you will be instructed on how to pay and your injectors will be shipped back to you with tracking. Because of increasing fraud, we now prefer a check for payment.

If you send us an injector that is not able to be returned to service, the minimum charge is $50.00 for FICHT injectors.

We only accept full sets of ETEC injectors. Has your ETEC motor been sitting for more than a year? Don’t bother sending them in to us. Just buy new ones.

Include in the package:

  • Your name
  • Company name if any
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Why you are sending them in
  • Print and fill out this form- Injector Information Form